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About Us

At EvenTravel DMC we offer consulting, planning, reservation, logistics and operation services for Business Tourism: Conventions, Corporate or Business Meetings, Congresses, Fairs, Trade Exhibitions, Incentive Trips, or whatever your need is, we are your best option to ensure the success of your event.

EvenTravel DMC & Tour Operator, we have more than 25 years of experience in the tourism sector.


Provide high quality services through a professional and dynamic team, always focused on generating the WOW! effect.



To be the leading company in logistics services for the organization of events and trips most favorably recognized in the state of Querétaro. 

We have more than 25 years of experience.
We have the recognition of the company and brand by the tourism industry.
We include little-promoted tourist attractions that help us to differentiate ourselves.
We have strategic alliances with servers and service providers throughout the state.
Our prices are accessible.
We are members of Tourist Associations with national support.
We have excellent customer service.

Our values

  • Perseverance. Firmness and constancy in the way of being or acting.

  • Ethics. Study good and evil and their relationship with morality and human behavior.

  • Creativity. Ability or facility to invent or create.

  • Teamwork. Work done by several people where each one does a part but all have a common goal.

  • Passion. Need to do something because there is an internal force that moves the individual to do it.

  • Honesty. He is guided by truth, justice, rectitude and honesty and does not put his needs or interests before these.

  • Responsibility. Positive characteristic of people who are able to commit and act correctly.

  • Professionalism. Practice of an activity as a profession or way of earning a living.

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